BOSTON (CBS) — President Barack Obama may be poised to pardon a lucky turkey Wednesday at the White House, but we hope you’ll agree there are no excuses for the hapless names on our list of national turkeys.

First on the list is the turkey-like behavior of congressional Republicans who forced a 16-day shutdown of the government in an attempt to stop Obamacare.

All it did was hurt the economy, shred the GOP’s approval ratings and distract attention from the healthcare plan’s fumbling roll-out.

Luckily for the Republicans, the Obamacare website was such a turkey, it wiped out all the Democrat’s political gains.

They’re promising it will be fixed soon. Plus, there’s plenty of free parking and check’s in the mail.

Fortunately, no, there have been no further examples of New York City turkey Anthony Weiner’s sexting obsession.

Beyond the one that cost him his congressional seat, that is, and the other one that blew up his mayoral candidacy.

A side note to budding young pols – berating your constituents is not the best way to win them over.

But of all the turkeys on the national scene this year, who can compete with pop tart Miley Cyrus?

She was so intent of shedding her old clean-teen image that she lost any shred of dignity or credibility in the process.

Smoking a joint on-stage at the MTV Europe awards? We get it, young lady, you’re a rebel.

By the way, Miley is also our choice for national twerky of the year.

Wednesday, Keller will list the local turkeys of the year. Have a suggestion for the turkey parade? Click on Keller @ Large to make your suggestion.



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