BOSTON (CBS) – Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti opened their show Tuesday with some final thoughts on the Sunday night game between the Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

Quarterback Peyton Manning struggled yet again in the weather conditions, and seeing as how he plays his home games in the Rocky Mountains and the Super Bowl is in the Meadowlands in February, does Manning have a realistic shot of holding the Lombardi Trophy at year’s end?

“No chance” – according to Felger and Mazz.

Breer: Peyton Manning Has ‘Very Real’ Problems In Cold Weather

Peyton Manning has performed poorly in cold weather throughout his entire professional career. In 22 games played in sub-40 degree temperatures, Manning is 10-12 – including four losses to the Patriots.

The more Tony Massarotti thinks about it, the more Tony can’t help but feel like Peyton Manning made the wrong choice as a free agent in selecting the Denver Broncos.

“Denver’s not a warm weather city, it never has been. When you get to January you’re going to play in rough, raw weather. So why would a guy who’s a free agent, who’s goal is allegedly to win, why would he pick Denver?”

“Understand what your game is, what the strengths are and what’s the best fit. I look at it now and see how he plays in cold weather and I say to myself he’s not going to win another one [Super Bowl],” said Tony Mazz.

It’s never an easy path for a team that’s trying to win it all, but for a bad weather quarterback trying to win playoff games in the Mile High City, then having to play up north in the first cold climate Super Bowl, it seems like too tall a task.

“Either way they are outdoors in January. No matter how you slice it, Peyton Manning is going to have to win three January/February games outside this year…no chance,” said Mike Felger.

“He might win one of those, he might win two of those. But the odds go down. Three? No way! Denver’s sunk.”

Listen to the full discussion below:



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