BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a Wiggy Tuesday, and as always Felger has 10 questions ready to go for the former Patriots tight end.

Here we go:

10. Should there still be ties in the NFL? If not, what would be your solution to end these games?

9. In your opinion should the TV be on and in sight of the dinner table during Thanksgiving? What’s the rule in your house?

8. According to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Robert Griffin III has requested his coaches not show negative plays on film in team meetings, which was the same treatment he was afforded from coaches in college at Baylor. The Redskins have reportedly denied the requests. Wiggy, what’s the worst treatment you ever got in front of the team during a film session from a coach?

7. If you could have one quarterback for the next 10 years who would it be: Robert Griffin, Andrew Luck or Cam Newton?

6. If you could have one point guard for the next 10 years who would it be: Rajon Rondo or Derrick Rose?

5. Wiggy word on the street: “The boys said u gotta come out & hold it down for them & make it do what it do!!!!” Please translate.

4. Huge deal up north, as Rogers Sportsnet has won the rights to broadcast the NHL in Canada to the tune of $5.2 billion over the next 12 years. The rights were taken away from TSN, the Canadian version of ESPN, which lost the US rights last decade. Question: do you wish the NHL were back on ESPN?

3. According to my daily check on BSO (Black Sports Online), Colin Kaepernick is said to be “boo’d up” with one Teyana Taylor. If you were single is Taylor someone you would boo up with? Mazz?

2. What is your greatest moment playing on Thanksgiving for Eastie back in the day?

1. If there is a loss left on the Patriots schedule? If so what is it?

Listen below to hear Wiggy’s answers:



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