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Consider this:

Are Gift Cards a Great Gift Or A Christmas Cop Out?

Let’s face the fact, in the modern age, many of us find it a challenge to buy a Christmas a gift that makes the recipient light up. In earlier times it was easier to know what to get someone for Christmas because people simply had less stuff. (I know this because there was just less stuff to have.) Now things are complicated and it is harder to know exactly what gift will elicit shouts of delight.

In addition, it is possible that, because of the ‘shallowing’ of relationships due to social media, we know more people, but less about them. As a result are we less aware of our friends wants and needs? The sum of these factors creates a more frustrating gift buying season, making the default choice a gift card.

Are you OK with the gift card trend or would you like your gift-givers to eschew the card in favor of a more personal gift? Bear in mind, if the latter wins out, you could be making more trips to the return counter, falling victim to ‘lame gift syndrome’ (LGS).

Click play to see Jay Talkers hand down their verdicts on the gift card issue.


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