By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — The MBTA is giving a break to commuter rail passengers with parking tickets, following an I-Team investigation.

The T is offering a one time “amnesty” program for commuter rail parking lot tickets.

People can pay $5 per ticket, rather than the $45 they owe with fines.

The General Manager of the MBTA Beverly Scott had promised this action after an I-Team report that exposed flaws in the cash box system.

In May, The I-Team’s undercover cameras watched as a parking lot attendant in Wilmington emptied the boxes of cash.

Per MBTA policy, the attendant first takes a photo of what’s inside. Our video showed the attendant moving the cash around with a wire in an apparent effort to get a better view of what is in each of the individual boxes.

The T is sending out letters to people with commuter rail parking tickets to let them know about the $5 charge.

The amnesty program lasts just 30 days.


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