ATLANTA (CBS) — During halftime of Saturday’s Celtics-Hawks game at Philips Arena, professional wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page shared how yoga helped save his wrestling career.

“I’m a guy who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga the first 42 years of my life,” Page told Sports Hub play-by-play broadcaster Sean Grande. “But when you start wrestling at thirty-five, thirty-five-and-a-half, you gotta find ways to hold back the hands of time.”

DDP, who entered pro wrestling as a manager in 1988 and jumped into the ring as a competitor in 1991, said he ruptured two disks in his back in his early 40s and faced the end of his career as a wrestler.

Page said he created a workout based on yoga that also incorporated rehabilitation exercises from his knee and shoulder surgeries, dynamic resistance techniques and “old-school” calisthenics. The workout featured “minimal joint impact,” he said.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Sean Grande reports


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