BOSTON (CBS) — A flashy red car pulls up. A pair of flaming red boots hits the pavement. And a fire fighter gets out? Then before you can say “five alarm,” the fire jacket gives way to a stylish sport jacket. Jack Colangeli transforms from a Malden Firefighter, to the owner of Jack’s Ristorante.

“During the day I’m the assistant Fire Chief for the City of Malden. And I work straight days in the office running the fire department, and at night time, I’m here every night. We have all homemade Italian food… we give great portions, it’s always fresh… we have a lot of turnover here. The price is right and the service is the best,” he says.

In this comfortable neighborhood Italian eatery, Jack serves the Malden public in deliciously different way.

“It’s one of the great passions of mine is to cook. And I kind of grew up in an Italian family, learned how to cook. My grandmother taught me an awful lot. And once you get in the fire department, you better cook.”

He cooks an enormous antipasta platter and extra-thick bruschetta, delectable pastas and tender marinated steak tips. The meatballs are made with sirloin steak, the mozzarella sticks are made in house, and the veal truly is the best in the city.

“If you come here, bring your appetite. If you come here for lunch or you come here for dinner, you’re going to have food to take home, you get one more meal out of it. This is a great business, to meet people. And I love meeting people… I like talking to people. And in this businss, it’s what it’s all about. Customer service. When you come in my restaurant… we’ll greet you. We’ll sit down, talk to you. And it’s just something that’s in my blood. I instill it to all my staff… We’re also going to make you leave here, feel like you’re special.”

For more food and fun, watch the Phantom Gourmet at 10:30 and 11 a.m. on myTV38.


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