BOSTON (CBS) – Andy Gresh, Scott Zolak and Hardy go around the NFL and preview the big headlines heading into Week 12, starting with Thursday night’s game between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons.

– Gresh & Zo started by analyzing Sean Payton’s comments on the NFL replay system, and how he likes the college system the best. Gresh completely whiffed on his take, at first thinking that Payton was talking about the college overtime system…whoops.

– We played audio from Ndamukong Suh who said his team is “right where they want to be” at this point in the season…except for you know, that awful loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. The guys were surprised at how soft-spoken and eloquent Suh is, given his violent nature.

– Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman was mic’d up for last week’s game. We got to hear from him and how he gets pumped up for the start of games, as well as him trash talking Joe Webb, calling him “a waste of my time.”

– Robert Griffin III has come under fire as of late for his lack of leadership and passing blame onto his teammates. We played some audio that would seem to back up those claims. We also heard a response from Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

– Lastly, Bears coach Marc Trestman explains a coaching decision using advanced statistical data. Everyone was impressed with Trestman’s preparedness.

Listen below:



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