BOSTON (CBS) – Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak began Friday’s show fired up for this weekend’s clash of the titans between Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos and Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.

They are two of the biggest names in football, and they have been for more than a decade. They are surefire Hall of Famers, and they’ll square off yet again this Sunday night.

Gresh and Zo reflect on each of their storied careers by comparing and contrasting their success. It’s a debate Gresh would rather shy away from, because to him football is a team sport and it’s not fair to make the “who has more rings?” argument.

Zolak doesn’t buy into the belief that Tom Brady has had more weapons than Manning throughout his career, and debunked that myth on today’s show.

“This is what made me mad yesterday listening to Felger & Mazz and the argument that Manning has done more with less. Really? Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clarke, Austin Collie, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas, Jacob Tamme, Edgerrin James, Dominic Rhodes…we could keep going here,” said Zolak.

“You want to pull out the 2005 and 2006 year for Brady? Who’s done more with less now?”

Throw away the rings, throw away the MVP trophies and throw away the stats. For Zo, it boils down to something far more simple: playoff success.

“You know how many times Peyton Manning has been to the playoffs? Twelve years, pretty good right? You know how many times he’s been popped in the first game? Eight. There you go.”

As far as this Sunday’s game is concerned, Gresh has a strong take on how to upend the 9-1, AFC leading Denver Broncos.

Gresh has not been impressed with the Broncos defense, and thinks they are particularly weak against the run. If the Patriots have any hope of winning this game they will need to out-physical this Denver team.

“The Denver defense is beyond over-hyped. There’s a couple of good players in there, but I think this offense and this Patriots team can punch that group in the mouth and there’s nothing they can do about it,” said Gresh.

Listen to the full discussion below:



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