BOSTON (CBS) – Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin called in to Toucher and Rich Friday morning to analyze Sunday night’s game against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Having faced Peyton many times before, Colvin knows just how to beat the Hall of Fame-bound quarterback.

But first, the question that everyone is asking this week: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

“Who would I pick? Who’s number one in my book? I say Tom. The purpose of the game of football is winning a Super Bowl. Tom obviously has more of those. You can put up as many statistical numbers as you want to, but if your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl who cares?” says Colvin.

Colvin said that Manning is like another coach on the field and that he wants to get in a chess match with you. One of the things you must do as a defensive player is to ignore the pre-snap theatrics of Manning.

Between the audibles, which are really just bogus checks, and all the animated hand and arm signals, don’t pay any attention to that until there’s about ten seconds left in the play clock, according to Colvin.

“It’s 90% fake [the hand signals, etc],” said Colvin. “He typically doesn’t even snap the ball until there’s like ten seconds left on the play clock. He’s not snapping that ball because he’s trying to figure out what you’re doing. It plays into his favor when you line up in what you’re doing ahead of time.”

“You’ve got to have the sense to stand around but be close enough to where you’re supposed to be, so that you can take care of your responsibility. We used to just stand there [and wait for him].”

“Peyton just randomly yells out people in his family, his cousin’s names. And then when the play clock gets down to ten seconds he’s going to check to a run or pass,” said Colvin, adding, “Peyton is a bunch of hogwash.”

For Colvin’s take on how the Patriots can defend the Broncos vaunted wide receiving corps, listen to the interview in its entirety below:


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