The school committee in Lunenburg is standing by its decision to cancel the high school’s popular thanksgiving football game after racist graffiti was sprayed on the house of an 8th grade player.

At a meeting Wednesday night, players, parents, and community members all appealed to the committee that the whole team should not be punished. “Not letting us play our last game makes the rest of the world outside of Lunenburg assume that we are guilty,” said one player.

Anthony Williams, the victim’s dad, said the cancellation has turned some people in Lunenburg against his family, even those who once supported them. “Make the team suffer, maybe the coward will step forward,” he said.

The school committee opted to not take a vote on the game, meaning the decision to cancel stays in place.

What do you think about the cancellation? Is the committee making the right decision, or should they have allowed the game to go on? Leave your comments below.


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