BOSTON (CBS) – By now we’re all aware of what transpired on Monday Night Football.

Four seconds left in the game, Tom Brady throws a pass into the end zone intended for Rob Gronkowski where it is intercepted. Gronkowski was bearhugged by Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, and a penalty flag is thrown.

After a brief meeting between the referees the flag is picked up with no explanation. Game over, Patriots lose 24-20.

NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino went on the NFL Network yesterday to provide an explanation for the controversial ending, and on Wednesday morning, Toucher, Rich and Wallach poked holes in his faulty line of thinking.

Earlier in the show, Albert Breer explained, “It was very clear that he [Blandino] was having some fun with words, basically making it sound as if he was endorsing the call, without saying it was the right call. He explained what their logic was, but didn’t say if it was correct.”

For Toucher and Rich’s take on the matter, listen to the discussion below:



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