BOSTON (CBS) – Levan Reid of WBZ-TV was a guest on The Adam Jones Show Wednesday night to put the Carolina game behind us, and get us geared up for a battle of AFC supremacy this Sunday night between the Patriots and Broncos at Gillette.

But first just some quick thoughts on the Monday night game, Levan felt that the Patriots hurt themselves in waiting to get Rob Gronkowski involved in the offense.

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But overall, Levan Reid believes it was a solid offensive performance against a great defense in the Panthers.

Now, onto Sunday night.

The typical storyline for a game like this would be Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning, two of the premiere quarterbacks of this generation.

However, the early chatter isn’t as focused on the quarterback matchup, but rather a familiar face in wide receiver Wes Welker.

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Welker suffered a concussion on Sunday night during the Broncos 27-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, which puts his status in jeopardy for this weekend’s game.

According to NFL concussion protocol, Welker must undergo testing once he regains “baseline functioning” and cannot practice in full until Friday the earliest.

Will Wes Welker get back on the field in time to exact revenge on his old team?

“How many concussions has Wes had? Are we looking at five or six now? Wes has been sidelines with a couple concussions now,” said Reid. “He’s going to get out there and try and catch 10 balls for 120, 130 yards and try and put it on Bill Belichick if he’s out there.”

Listen below for the full interview and Reid’s thoughts on Stevan Ridley’s fumbling problems:



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