BOSTON (CBS) – Trailing 24-20 with four seconds left, the Patriots had one final chance to beat the Panthers in Carolina on Monday  Night Football.

Quarterback Tom Brady keyed in on tight end Rob Gronkowski, but his throw was picked off in the end zone.

Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly was bear-hugging Gronkowski, and a hold or pass interference call appeared to be coming. But head referee Clete Blakeman and his crew huddled up and waved off the flag, saying Brady’s pass was uncatchable by Gronkowski.

For (probably) the first time ever, Bill Belichick elected to stay in his postgame press conference for a few seconds longer and answer more questions, wanting to get his side of the story across.

Toucher and Rich played the audio from last night’s presser and had some fun with it, give it a listen below:



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