BOSTON (CBS) – I’m here to tell you your mother was wrong. Turns out money can buy you happiness.

That’s at least one message from survey by the jobs site, which studied 8,000 workers in 7 countries to see if they liked their jobs.

Turns out a lot of us don’t.

Sixteen-percent of people in this country say they actually hate their jobs. In fact American workers are the least happy on the planet followed by the British and the Germans.

Researchers say our dissatisfaction could be due to any number of factors. People may have problems with their bosses, their co-workers or their career path. But those are nothing compared with the almighty dollar. found 21-percent of workers making less than $50,000 a year say they hate their jobs compared with only 10-percent making over 50-grand who say they hate their jobs.

So go ahead call us shallow. But a majority of American workers – albeit a thin majority – say they actually like their job.

A few even say they love going to work so much they would do it for free, suggesting there is more to work for than just money.

Just don’t tell my boss.

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