BOSTON (CBS) – Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports joined the Felger & Massarotti program Friday afternoon and posited the theory that this season is Bill Belichick’s best coaching job.

But is it?

Thornton seems to thinks so, and provided specific examples to prove his case.

“Belichick is 7-2 for starters and they’ve got a two game lead in their division. Look at the problems that he’s had to overcome this year. Not the least of which that his most versatile weapon on offense is sitting in a jail cell right now.”

“He lost the best tight end in the business [Rob Gronkowski to injury]. People don’t even talk about the fact that he was without his top two running backs, we just sort of took that as a given.”

“He lost the middle of your defense – his two defensive captains [Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo] – plus a guy who has been playing probably as well as any cornerback in football. He lost them all, and as the Patriots do, has just kept winning.”

“You can’t deny that this is a phenomenal job he has done to be in this position,” Thornton concluded.

Felger credits Belichick for not having one of those “New York Giants-type of down years,” but ultimately feels like it has more to do with the quarterback.

Despite the commentary on both sides, Massarotti feels like 2001 will always be Belichick’s best season.

“The best coaching job Bill Belichick did was in 2001, let’s not kid ourselves. He had a team that was 5-5 that everybody thought was a doormat, or average at best…and they won the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback who had never really taken a snap in the NFL before he got in there. It was phenomenal,” said Mazz.

Listen to the discussion below:



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