By WBZ-TV Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve

MILTON (CBS) – Most town officials are working hard these days to make ends meet, but the I-Team followed one well-paid town department head and found he was hardly working at all.

David Perdios is director of Parks and Recreation for the Town of Milton, and he didn’t want to talk to the I-Team. That could be because he gets a full-time salary of $83,444 a year, but shows up at work less than half the time. Over 11 work days, the I-Team found Perdios spent just 30 hours at his town hall office. That’s an average of 2.7 hours a day.

Perdios has a second job in Milton — baseball coach at Curry College — and the I-Team’s cameras caught him on campus recruiting players while on the clock for the town. On other days during town work hours we found him at home, raking leaves in his yard and going for a walk.

“Well if everything you’re telling me is correct, it’s pretty upsetting,” said Denis Keohane, chairman of Milton’s Board of Selectmen. “His check does come from the Town of Milton, which is a taxpayer check, which is the reason that I’m upset about it.”

But Keohane said there is nothing he can do about it because Perdios works for Milton’s Park Commission, which is separate from the rest of town government. “They should definitely look into it and if disciplinary action has to be taken then it should be taken,” Keohane said.

The chairman of the Park Commission would not meet with the I-Team, instead sending us a statement saying: “We as a board are conducting our own investigation. Mr. Perdios has flexible hours because he is required to be present at events during nights and weekends.”

The park commissioners said Perdios occasionally goes to Curry College to discuss town-run programs held on the college campus, not mentioning that he is on campus frequently as coach of the Curry baseball team.

“If he decides to take on a second job and get paid for that as well, I think that’s pretty motivating,” Keohane said.

Asked if it is acceptable for Perdios to work that second job during his town working hours, Keohane said: “Not during the scheduled time with the Town of Milton. I’m not in favor of that by no means.”

Perdios has been director of parks and recreation in Milton for 17 years.

Curry College officials would not disclose what he’s paid to coach their baseball team.



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