BOSTON (CBS) — Several jurors, even though their work was done months ago, said they needed to attend the sentencing of Whitey Bulger.

As Boston closes a chapter, some say they will live with the Bulger saga forever.

“It was such an impactful event on my life,” Jury Foreman Terry Fife. “It was probably the most difficult responsibility I’ve ever had. It changed me.”

Some jurors, like Gusina Tremblay said she came to see if Bulger would show emotion.

Juror Janet Uhlar, who has been corresponding with Bulger, pointed to the words written on the courthouse.

She says the U.S. Constitution was violated in court, pointed to what she has called “half-truths” from the government.

In a heated exchange, Steven Davis, brother of Bulger victim Debbie Davis questioned Uhlar’s motives.

“Are you crazy or just nuts?” Davis yelled. “What are you trying to fight for?”

Uhlar answered she wants justice.

“I’m fighting for the United State Constitution Article 3, Question 2,” Uhlar said.

Meanwhile, Fife says he won’t be corresponding with Bulger going forward.

“I won’t be corresponding with Mr. Bulger, I can guarantee that,” Fife said. “This will never be over for me. It will be with me forever.”


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