BOSTON (CBS) – Clint Hurdle of the Pittsburgh Pirates was the easy choice to win National League Manager of the Year, leading his team to the playoffs for the first time since 1992.

The American League Manager of the Year award was far more close, but in the end former Red Sox skipper and current Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona took home the honors.

Francona received 16 of 30 first-place votes to 12 for Farrell.

Toucher, Rich and Jon Wallach had a big debate Wednesday morning over the decision of baseball writers to elect Terry Francona Manager of the Year over John Farrell. Fred doesn’t have a problem with the decision, whereas Wallach is outraged at one writer in particular.

It made for some interesting banter, and some listeners weighed in as well.

Fred doesn’t think what Farrell did was all that impressive and the case can be made for a handful of other worthy AL managers.

“You could make the argument that Bob Melvin was more impressive. You could make the argument that Joe Girardi was more impressive and you could make the case that Joe Maddon was more impressive,” said Fred.

“The Red Sox had a $175 million payroll, and they had starting pitching that just had to perform. Look at the talent level of a Cleveland or the A’s. Look at their payrolls.”

Wallach took issue with one baseball writer in Seattle who left both Francona and Farrell off his ballot.

“All you have to do is pay attention for five minutes and you would have put at least one of those guys on [the ballot]. There’s no reason to leave Francona and Farrell off your ballot, you’re just not paying attention. You’re lazy,” said an angered Wallach.

All agreed that the voting process is flawed, which explains why Rangers manager Ron Washington received a vote even though his team missed the playoffs.

Fred proceeds to give reasons why Farrell’s season wasn’t as impressive as everyone makes it out to be, and Wallach counters with the AL East being a superior division.

Listen below to hear the full discussion and debate:



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