By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Congratulations to Boston University and retiring Boston Mayor Tom Menino on their announcement that Menino will join the BU faculty next year as co-director of their new Initiative on Cities.

It’s quite a coup for BU and a plum gig for Menino, who can keep his hand in on his area of expertise while tending to his health and family.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

But any new relationship can benefit from constructive advice, and even though neither party asked for it, I’m happy to offer some.

For BU – better brace yourself.

Menino does not suffer fools gladly, and is not likely to embrace the byzantine niceties of academic politics. Why, just Tuesday, he threatened to break my kneecaps with the cane he was carrying made out of a baseball bat.

I’m only somewhat sure he was joking.

And a warning to other faculty who think they know a little something about the city of Boston and figure on sharing their wisdom with the former mayor: think twice.

Menino has forgotten more about the city than you ever knew, and he hasn’t forgotten all that much.

For Menino, I recommend an adjustment to his work habits.

Showing up at the office before dawn and staying late at night, as he did in City Hall, will surely be seen as an attempt to show up other professors.

And stick with the ties you have – I don’t relish the sight of Tom Menino in a bow tie.

But seriously, my best wishes to both Menino and BU. And to Mayor-elect Marty Walsh, who will now have his illustrious predecessor just down the street ready to offer his opinions on how the new man is doing.

Lucky, lucky Marty.

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