BOSTON (CBS) — Since the Boston Marathon bombings, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital has been caring for survivors on their long roads to recovery.

Wednesday, the unions representing Boston police officers, EMTs and firefighters who make up the Boston First Responders Fund for the Victims of the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack, donated $200,000 to the hospital.

The money will go toward supporting the survivors with rehabilitation costs.

As part of the check presentation, marathon survivors, Spaulding caregivers and first responders were reunited to share their stories and experiences since the bombing.

Two survivors, Marc Fucarile and Roseann Sdoia both of whom were saved by the same group of first responders and rode together in a police wagon from the finish line to Mass General Hospital were part of a private ceremony with those who saved them.

“It means the world to us victims that the money keeps coming in, because everyday you see how much money goes out,” said Fucarile. “I still have four more surgeries to go just to get me to square one, before I can decide if I want to amputate my leg or not.”

It’s a struggle Sdoia understands.

“When you wake up you’re not sure if it’s a good day or a bad day, Some days you want to wake up and all you want to do is stay in bed and cry,” despite a challenging recovery, Sdoia said she still hopes to run again.

WBZ-TV’s Whitney Burbank contributed to this report.


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