Rich Keefe steals the show with Tuesday night’s Keefer Madness.

First, Keefe relives a moment from Tuesday’s Felger & Mazz, when Marc “The Beetle” Bertrand was fooled by a fake Twitter account, and announced that the Red Sox had signed catcher Carlos Ruiz. Check out the video here.

Celtics At 7: Stevens Can Coach

Then Keefe moves on to more antics from former Celtic Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Davis threw a tantrum over the weekend at a Florida motel, breaking the keyboard of one of the computers at the front desk when he was told there was no vacancy. The police were called and responded, but Davis was not arrested. He apologized on Twitter on Tuesday.

Game Of Jones: Over/Under 30 Wins For Celtics?

Keefe and Jones discuss what Davis was doing looking for a motel room at 4 a.m., and talk about past outbursts from Davis when he was on the Celtics.



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