By: Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

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Today was a day for photo-sharing. Tuesday kicked off with the excitement of the first snowfall for many cities, and ended with a glorious sunset (which seem to be nonstop lately) as a clearing line advanced on Metro Boston. So before I get to any of the forecast, let’s just take a look at some of the great photos sent our way on this wintry November day. Always feel free to share photos via email on or on Twitter (link above)!

nantucketsound Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Robert in Hyannis

cape Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Henry Beston – Nauset Light in North Eastham

sagamore Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Scott in Sagamore Beach

monumentbeach Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Linda Monument Beach

brewster Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: (Brewster)

kids Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: David in Cranston, RI


Courtesy: Jay Peak Ski, Vermont (snow this morning on the slopes)

 Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Lorraine and Paul in Savoy

poppybeach Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Norma in Mashpee


Courtesy: Karen in Westminster

And onward to the sunsets!

maine Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Joe in Portland, ME

winthrop Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Stacy in Hull

boston Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

Courtesy: Ben in Boston

boston2 Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

View from the Pru via Maria on Twitter in Boston

Not too shabby. Especially enjoyed all the photos of the kiddos out there who were grinning from ear to ear. Some of us have held onto that love of winter and new-fallen snow, but it seems many just think of the terrible commute, wardrobe decisions, ice scraping, and gusty city streets instead ;-)

Tonight winter’s chill is certainly in the air, with temperatures that will fall into the upper 10s to mid-20s overnight. Clearing will move all the way to the Outer Cape & Nantucket before dawn, and we’re in for plenty of sunshine tomorrow. But like we typically see in the depths of winter, the sunshine will be rather ineffective. Highs will generally stay stuck in the mid/upper 30s, well below average for this time of year. And in Boston, it will be the first day without touching 40º since the first full day of spring, March 21st!

wednesdayboston Snow to Sunsets on 11/12/13

The gusty northwest breeze at 10-25mph will make it feel even colder, and we’ll drop back into the 20s under clear skies Wednesday night. But fear not haters of cold winds and frigid nights. This blast from the Arctic will not be sticking around very long. High pressure will shift off to our south by Wednesday night, and on Thursday will send dry and mild air flowing in on a gusty westerly breeze. That should help scour out some of the cold, and help us reach the upper 40s/low 50s. After a couple of very cold days, it should feel outstanding! Added bonus: it will come with lots of sunshine.

The air mass will continue to moderate on Friday, boosting temperatures into the mid/upper 50s. Not completely out of the question that we could see a couple towns flirt with 60º. And again, compared to this cold stretch, it will feel like a perfect November day. There may be a fair deal of cirrus clouds overhead to deal with, but otherwise no major issues.

If you’re making weekend plans – not much is lurking. There’s still a touch of uncertainty for Sunday in particular, with some models hinting at a shower potential. Certainly not washout territory, and we’ll fine-tune as we get a little closer. Temperatures look seasonable, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s.

More significant weather may approach Monday into Tuesday. Another strong area of low pressure is progged to form and head up to our northwest, keeping us on the mild side of the storm. So no snow there – hopefully just a good old-fashioned soaking of rain. Highs may again get up into the 60s with this system before a crash. Much colder air will invade after that storm, and this time it may stick around. Most indications are that the end of November/start of December will be quite cold for much of the eastern U.S. Stay tuned!


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