BOSTON (CBS) — The horrifying disaster taking place in Philippines have folks back home here in Boston terrified.

Typhoon Victims: How You Can Help

Many are still trying to get in touch with their loved ones.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

Rose Marie and Ted Candaza of Randolph are still waiting to find out if many of their family members in the hard hit province of Leyte survived the storm.

“You don’t hear anything that’s going on with your family. You haven’t heard anything, if they’re OK, if they’re alive,” Rose Marie said.

They did learn through Facebook that Ted’s sister in Tacloban made it through. Still, they have not heard from any of their nieces or nephews.

For those who survived the storm, there are still many dangers.

Rose Marie’s best friend Rosalinda is in the hospital, but is still in peril. She relies on an oxygen machine and that may not be available much longer.

“She is panicking because the hospital is going to close because there’s no electricity, no generator, no food, no water,” Rose Marie told WBZ.

Teodoro Parena says he’s also deeply concerned.

“It’s very frightening because we all know the magnitude of the typhoon was a record holder,” Parena said.

Teodoro says although he’s not spoken with his family directly, his niece was able to get word that they are alive, but his sister’s home was destroyed.

“She confirmed reports that there were three deaths in our home town and most of the homes along the shore are gone. My sister’s house is gone,” Parena said.

At a local Philippine mart in Quincy, the relief effort is on everyone’s mind.

Store owner Engracio Awatin says he’s been trying to communicate with his brother.

“I have no word from them at all. I can’t contact them,” Engracio said.

The entire community has been watching the horror unfold for the past three days. They pray their loved ones are safe.

“That’s all we want. Properties and homes can be replaced but lives cannot,” Parena said.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton and Lauren Leamanczyk contributed to this report.


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