By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

OAKHAM (CBS) — Shot through the leg with a bow and arrow, a 4-year-old border collie/Labrador mix named Oboe is lucky to be alive.

The Van Schoick family of Oakham says their neighbor shot the dog last month. “He was shot with a four-point arrow on our property,” owner Charlie Van Schoick said.

The family quickly rushed Oboe to an animal hospital, where he underwent two surgeries.

Today, the family pet hops along on three legs and is very timid. “His muscles and nerves were cut; he has trouble bearing his own weight on three legs. It will be months before they determine whether or not we will have to put him down,” Van Schoik said.

Police say the neighbor, Byron Carpenter, 36, faces numerous charges including discharging a fire arm with 500 feet of a residence and maiming of an animal.

“Such a heinous act. He was lying on the ground and I thought he was dead, and the only reason why I knew he wasn’t is that he wagged his tail, “ Kathy Van Schoick said.

Carpenter had to surrender all of his hunting equipment and hunting license. Carpenter will be back in court in January for a pretrial hearing.

Oboe, a border collie/lab mix, was shot in the leg with a bow and arrow in Oakham. (Credit: WBZ-TV)

Oboe, a border collie/Labrador mix, was shot in the leg with a bow and arrow in Oakham. (Credit: WBZ-TV)

The Van Schoik family says they have spent more than $5,400 in medical bills.



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