A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Oh sure, he’s sorry the folks took a beating on this Obamacare thing.   Yes, he’s sorry Americans got hurt because they made some moves based on what he had said in his promises……BUT……..is he sorry for what he said?     Not even close!!!    What he said was a blatant lie……several blatant lies….repeated over and over again, but did he say he was sorry for that….sorry for lying?     Nope!   I’ve labeled BHO an ego-maniacal person on more than one occasion, but his interview the other night with UpChuck Todd didn’t come within a country mile of being a sincere mea culpa, and certainly not a mea maxima culpa.    It is amazing how quiet my lefty-hope-and-change friends have become.

“Make no mistake about it, and let me make this perfectly clear”, even I’m feeling uncomfortable for this guy.   He’s totally over his head, has been since day one of his first administration and even some of his most ardent supporters have lost hope for anything good happening during what will be the long grueling last three years of his Presidency.     A lot of Americans feel it couldn’t get much worse than having a President go on national television and point a crooked finger at us saying…….”I did not have sexual relations with that woman” and he was impeached….only the second in all of history.    Many others are still disturbed by George Bush’s decisions on Iraq, the lost American lives and postwar violence over there.  In principle I would agree.       But is there any American who wouldn’t agree that the Barack Obama scandals, as outlined by a Victor David Hanson column this week, are unparalleled?     The messes in the IRS (more to come), monitoring the Associated Press and us, embarrassments in the NSA, Benghazi killings and cover-up, the Syrian bluster and then backing down and the latest……the Obamacare fiasco, misleading statements and now outright lies.

As Hanson points out we are “Looking for a different sort of President.”


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