By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

RANDOLPH, MA (CBS) – As Typhoon Haiyan batters the Philippines, local Filipinos are desperately searching for any news about their loved ones.

Ted Candaza of Randolph has been glued to Philippines news. He is from the Province of Leyte, near Tacloban, an area that took the brunt of the strongest typhoon ever to make landfall.

Ted’s wife Rose is also from the Philippines. The Candazas have brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews in the storm’s path. They have not been able to reach any of them.

“Since yesterday I’ve been calling them. There’s no answer yet,” Ted says. “There’s no electricity, no telephone, everything, no communication.”

Seeing the destruction he is worried about their well-being. He also wonders if the home he still owns in Leyte survived.

The Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts is reaching out to other Filipinos in same position as the Candazas. They are offering a service to help connect them to family members.

“We can check shelter registries. We can get as many people as possible on the phone, just to make sure that everyone has contact to make sure their loved ones are ok,” said spokeswoman Kat Powers.

For help tracking down family members in the Philippines, Massachusetts residents can contact Red Cross International Services Director Lynn Levine at 617-274-5233 or email at


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