Good morning everyone and happy Friday!  There’s a noticeable change in the air today…after yesterday’s mild rain, cooler air has been filtering into the region and you’ll feel the difference out there.  Highs will only top out in the middle and upper 40s today with a breezy west-northwest wind gusting at times to 35 mph.  As a piece of energy high in the sky rotates overhead this afternoon, expect sunshine to be filtered and blotted out by building clouds…some of which may produce a brief shower.

Snapshot of high resolution model precipation for 3 PM this afternoon

Snapshot of high resolution model precipitation for 3 PM this afternoon, Courtesy: NOAA

Now what about the weekend? A disturbance currently over the northern Plains will slide towards the Northeast tomorrow.  In turn, morning sunshine will fade quickly behind increasing clouds during the midday and afternoon.  Aside from a stray evening shower though, our Saturday will be dry! Expect highs around or just shy of 50.

The clouds Saturday are an indication of some relatively “milder” air that will move in on Sunday. We’ll enjoy a pretty seasonable afternoon with highs in the middle 50s. There may be a few isolated sprinkles to dodge, especially during the morning, but they won’t ruin your day and most of us shouldn’t see them.

I start my weekend morning shift with Kate Merrill tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to update the blog with any changes to the forecast. Have a great day!



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