By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

SANDWICH (CBS) – At the Sheehan home in Sandwich, the family rules are right on the dining room wall. Among them, “always tell the truth.” That’s what 13-year-old Jack Sheehan did when faced with a dilemma.

“I was walking my dog Cooper and saw these bags in the middle of the road,” Jack said. It was Halloween night on a street near his house when he spotted two plastic grocery bags and one paper bag. Inside the paper one, was two stacks of cash. “I was just like that’s a lot of money. I should probably do something about this because someone probably needs it,” Jack said.

Jack called his mother Jennifer who advised he pick it up and bring it home. “My first thought was that it was probably part of some Halloween costume or something and then he brought it home and I looked at the stack of money,” Jennifer explained. The family called police.

It ends up Jack had found nearly $1,300. He says he never once thought of keeping it. “It wasn’t mine to take,” he said. “I was raised well.” “Christmas may come early to him,” Jennifer said laughing. “It’s pretty cool to hear that from him.”

Using bank information and deposit slips, police were able to track the money to the Mashpee Country Store on Main Street in Mashpee. The owner had apparently put the money on the roof of his car, forgot about it, and drove off. He was so thankful for Jack’s actions, he gave him $100.00. “They dropped by and they gave a reward to my dad to give to me and some candy also,” Jack said.

Both Jack and his mother are surprised at the attention the story has gotten. But if a young man following the rules can inspire someone else, then it’s certainly worth their time. “I think that people are inherently good and for the few that would be on the fence then maybe hearing Jack’s story would change their mind and send them in the right direction,” Jennifer said.

Jack’s goodwill continued Wednesday at Forestdale School. The 8th grader found three dollars in the hall. He turned it into the office and got an award. “I’m very proud of him,” his mother said smiling.



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