By: Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

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It wasn’t much warmer, but it felt a whole lot better. Today’s highs were only a few degrees above Monday’s but with less wind and quite a bit of sunshine, it took on the feel of a beautiful November day. We’re coming out of the cold air trench so to speak, and milder days are ahead. Dew points are already on their way up into the low 30s, and so that’s where our temperatures will bottom out tonight. If you’re not a fan of the cold, that’s much improved over the 10s and low 20s we saw over the past two nights!

We’re also watching some cloud cover start to advance ahead of a storm system in the middle of the Nation. While that storm is dumping early-season snow on the Dakotas and Minnesota, we’ll once again end up on the mild side of it. Our winds turn more southerly on Wednesday, and 850mb temps will climb to +8 by the evening. All told, a milder day with highs in the mid/upper 50s and partly sunny skies. The wind won’t be too much of an issue yet, either.

Moisture will be on the increase Wednesday night, and temperatures will barely budge. From lows in the teens on Monday to lows in the 50s on Thursday! Morning highs will manage the low/mid 60s on Thursday with a few rounds of showers rolling through on gusty southerly winds. Unfortunately, we’re not expecting a ton of rain with this system. In general it looks like .1-.4″ for the area. Enough to wet the ground for sure, but not make up the 6″ rainfall deficit we’re running since the start of August. Any showers should be pressing offshore by Thursday evening.

Cold air plunges back in Thursday night, and Friday looks chilly with highs in the 40s and a blustery northwest wind. A cold evening will unfold after that for all your Friday night plans, and a cool but beautiful Saturday will take up residence after that with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. Below average temps, but without a ton of wind and lots of sunshine it should feel nice.

A weak front will try to transfer some energy to the coast on Sunday, but with a progressive pattern it shouldn’t be able to get much of an act together. We’ll potentially see a few showers, especially early Sunday, but for now that seems to be about it. Dry and chilly weather to follow to kick off next week.

The next chance for more significant rain will come mid-to-later next week. Models are not in good agreement, but there’s at least the potential for a soaking rainfall. Hopefully that’s what ends up happening…stay tuned!


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