By Jon Keller, WBZ Political AnalystBy Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) — Amazingly, open Boston mayoral elections are less frequent than Red Sox World Series runs.

And even though it seems not so many voters feel this way, a case can be made that what happens today is in the long run more meaningful than the new banner on Yawkey Way.

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Both John Connolly and Marty Walsh promise to try to fix failing public schools, an important job that will be complicated next year by the new assignment plan.

Both say they want to keep the city affordable for middle-class families.

Both vow to keep Boston open for business.

So, does it matter who wins?

Connolly claims Walsh will be too easy a mark for unions looking out for number one. We’re already an expensive place to live and work. Unaffordable contracts could mortgage the future, Detroit-style.

But Walsh says no worries, it takes a brother to reason with a brother. And he suggests Connolly’s confrontational attitude might plunge the city into counter-productive gridlock.

We’d be like Washington D.C., but with better restaurants.

Who’s right?

Boston voters who care about their future will make that call today.

Which brings me to the usual election day pep talk. Gosh, what a nice day to make a crucial choice about the future of your home, your neighborhood, your city. It’ll only take a few minutes, far less time and hassle than it took to follow the Sox and attend the parade.

And after a year of intense civic pride, what better way to show your pride in Boston than to help choose her future?

Unless, that is, like the 70% of voters who skipped the preliminary, you’re willing to trust your future to someone else.

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