BOSTON (CBS) — Why have plain old pizza when you can have an All Star Pizza?

“No one’s doing pizza the way we’re doing pizza.”

Located in Inman Square Cambridge, the All Star Pizza Bar is where brothers Kosta and Johnny Diamantopoulos are taking pizza in delicious new directions.

“I’m gonna give you something that I’m a fan of, that I’m gonna eat.”

These guys were born into the pizza business.

“My dad owned a pizzeria in downtown Lynn for 35 years.”

But unlike the traditional pies they grew up making, the pizzas they create today treat dough, sauce, and cheese, as just the beginning.

“We use the pizza as a canvas. And our chef artists with every stroke of brilliance throw toppings on there and create concoctions that are unseen and unheard before.”

So combinations include breakfast sausage, grits, and eggs… steak, potatoes, and horseradish cream… even bananas, nutella, and chunks of cheesecake.

“Once they have the actual pizza and they taste it, they understand why we put as much effort and time into these creations.”

From tossing, to saucing, to topping, Kosta and Johnny take pride in their pizza… They love their pizza… and they know you will too.

“We like to say that we make pizza the way it’s supposed to be. We love pizza. It’s actually on our boxes, I love pizza. It’s that perfect food.”

For more food and fun, watch the Phantom Gourmet at 10:30 and 11 a.m. on myTV38


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