By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

What a stunner yesterday was…highs in the 60s…today 20 degrees colder!  A cold front is slipping through New England delivering the coldest air of the season.  As it comes through, this morning will be mainly cloudy with some passing showers ( maybe a flurry) then the sun comes busting out for the afternoon but it will be ineffective with a gusty north wind.

High pressure will be nosing in tomorrow leading to mostly sunny skies but again chilly temps.  After morning lows in the 20s in the burbs and a frosty 31 in Boston ( BTW the first frost of the season is likely in Boston tomorrow morning), temps will only climb to a range of 40-45!

That same high will begin to slide offshore for the middle of the week pumping in very mild air in the process.  It won’t be easy getting to us however as the cold and warm battle will result in stubborn clouds on Tuesday and Wednesday as temps gradually climb into the 50s.

A cold front will blast through New England again on Thursday with more wind swept rain showers.



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