oct31DSTENDNovember can be one of the gloomiest months of the year. It is a depressing period as the beautiful flowers have disappeared, the growing season is over and the final leaves fall to the ground. Add to that the decrease in daylight by almost an hour and turning the clocks back 1 hour. The time change happens this weekend on Saturday night as Daylight Standard Time returns. This means that sunset will be at 4:35 pm on Sunday! UGH! On the flip side, it will be lighter earlier in the mornings with the sunrise at 6:20 am this Sunday but those sunrises will be getting later each day through the winter solstice and up until January 4 when it is back up to a rise time of 7:14 am again.

2013_Surface AnalysisIt feels more like July this morning than November with temperatures already in the humid middle 60s so we have an excellent shot of exceeding 70 today. Today’s record high of 77 degrees set in 1974 will not be broken but  a predicted 73 is not far off. Contrast that with the average high for this date which is only 57. A Wind Advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service for strong, gusty southwesterly winds of 20-45 mph through 6 pm today. Consequently, there is a risk of a few spotty power outages. In any event, expect lots of blowing leaves along with some scattered showers later this morning into early this afternoon. The wind will subside later this evening and overnight. While a brief downpour is possible in a few areas today, the rain amounts will be disappointing following the extremely dry conditions of the past couple of months and there will be no meaningful rain again until next Thursday night into Friday morning. A cold front is surging across western PA and NY this morning. It will be passing off the New England coastline this afternoon yielding some breaks of sunshine. The much colder air in the Chicago area will not arrive here until Sunday.

oct31PARADEAfter it cools off to the 40s north and west of Boston to the lower 50s from the city south tonight, it will be warming up into the middle to upper 50s as tomorrow’s Red Sox Duck Boat Parade gets moving through the great city of Boston. The weather will be very cooperative with dry conditions and only a slight breeze at times as temperatures max out in the range of 61-66 in the early afternoon. A secondary cold front will roll in tomorrow evening with varying amounts of clouds and a risk of a few scattered showers. Any lingering patches of clouds will vanish Sunday morning with just a few other scattered clouds popping up during the day amidst all the bright sunshine. There will be a nippy north-northwesterly wind at 10-25 mph. Temperatures will retreat to below average numbers on Sunday with afternoon highs only in the upper 40s. As the Patriots host the Steelers for a 4:25 pm kickoff Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium, it will quickly be getting dark and it will be cold with temperatures falling from the lower 40s into the upper 30s under a clear sky.

Looking ahead, bright sunny but cold weather is anticipated for Monday and Tuesday with highs in the range of 45-50 degrees and lows in the 20s. The low-level wind may steer some patches of low clouds in from the ocean over mainly southeastern MA and Cape Cod.  A strong, sprawling high pressure system will govern our weather through the first half of next week. Initially, it will be transporting cold air out of Canada. Once the ridge of high pressure settles to the south of the region, a southwesterly wind will pump milder air into the Northeast starting on Wednesday. As a result, the temperatures will jump back to near 60 on that day with middle 60s quite likely next Thursday. At that time, an approaching cold front will be setting off a ribbon of rain in NY and PA. Presently, the most reasonable timing places the wet weather arriving in northwestern New England later that afternoon with a push across the Boston area Thursday night into Friday morning. Colder air will follow.

Eric Fisher will post his thoughts this evening and I will return early tomorrow morning.

Have a happy and safe weekend!


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