Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe was in studio Friday to share his final thoughts on the 2013 Red Sox season, one that will culminate tomorrow morning with a rolling rally duckboat parade through the city.

Shaughnessy wrote an article back in February while down in Fort Myers for Spring Training predicting the Red Sox would not only struggle to win games in 2013, but struggle to draw fan interest as well. He called them a boring bunch, and forecasted a last place finish.

Well now that the Sox have won it all, angry e-mailers are reaching out Shaughnessy referencing his February article and calling him out for it. The Sox insider defended himself this morning on Gresh & Zo.

“You know what? I don’t care. We are wrong all the time, I’ll be wrong a million more times. I. Was. Wrong. I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s easy to say I was wrong. I guess I’m the only one who didn’t think they’d win a World Series after 69 wins and that trainwreck [2012 season],” said Shaughnessy.

Listen to the full audio below, he gets pretty angry:

After Dan admitted to being wrong, they came back from the break and a conversation started about the different Red Sox World Series teams, and how they are similar and different.

Gresh and Shaughnessy didn’t see eye-to-eye in comparing the 2004 World Series team to this 2013 team. Gresh thinks the ’04 World Series was an afterthought, and that beating the Yankees in the ALCS after being down three games is what fans remember most.

For Gresh, this 2013 World Series was much more memorable.  Shaughnessy made an interesting connection between that line of thinking and another historic sports moment.

“What blows that up Gresh is the ‘Miracle On Ice’ Olympic team. Do you know that was not the Gold Medal game when they beat Russia? They had to go beat Norway,” said Shaughnessy. “Think of it this way: beating the Cardinals in ’04 was Norway. Playing somebody afterwards doesn’t diminish the ‘Miracle On Ice.'”

Which World Series – not the playoff run, but the World Series itself – will you remember most: 2004, 2007 or 2013?

Weigh in on the topic in the comments section below and listen to the rest of their conversation below:



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