Gresh & Zo opened the show Thursday by gauging the raw emotion of Red Sox Nation the day after winning the World Series and upending the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 in Game 6. Gresh & Zo reflected on the incredible season and postseason that was, first by Gresh comparing this Red Sox story to the stories of the other three professional sports teams in Boston.

“You go through all the Patriots championships and they were down to the end. They were down to the wire, even the ones they lost. Maybe with the Celtics you were able to breathe a little bit before it was over. With the Bruins, it was Game 7 and because it was the first time you didn’t let your guard down. Last night was the first time of all the championships since the turn of the century that you were really able to sit and enjoy,” said Gresh.

Maybe the most improbable of champions since the 2001 New England Patriots, this Red Sox team wouldn’t be riding in a duckboat parade this Saturday if it weren’t for the efforts of designated hitter and team leader David Ortiz. Gresh believes Big Papi has solidified his spot in Cooperstown and touched on his Hall of Fame credentials.

“I don’t think David Ortiz can make a stronger case to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame than what he did in this World Series,” said Gresh. However, Andy acknowledged that there’s still more obstacles for him to overcome in the voting body that will ultimately determine his place in history.

Zolak finished the discussion by putting David Ortiz in perspective with other legendary athletes, saying, “Ortiz has cemented himself. It may be him and Brady when it all comes down to it in the end.”



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