By Ben Parker, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

It started on an April day, as baseball season got underway.

But who knew what it all would bring, another year, another spring.

Only just a few months past, our beloved Sox had finished last

Cracking bats and Cracker Jacks, the Boys of Summer were coming back.

Spring had sprung, the grass was green, the sky was blue, the air was clean.

Eternal hope had sprung again, thanks to Fenway’s sturdy men.

The words ‘play ball’ were barely spoken, and in a blink our city broken

A joyous day turned upside down, the devil’s work had come to town

Some were lost, but many saved, by men and women, truly brave.

And as the smoke and fire cleared, ‘Boston Strong’ stood up and cheered.

For what our heroes did those days, deserved our honor and our praise.

So many of us stood united, a flame of passion was ignited.

The torch was grabbed and carried proud, as Fenway’s Nine enthralled the crowds

Their goal before the season started, now a mission, the course was charted

As summer now replaced the spring, we thought of what the fall could bring.

The beards grew thick, the passion grew, the wins piled up, the team was true.

The fans lined up on Yawkey Way, to watch their boys come out and play.

And play they did, in selfless style, with guts and brawn and brains and guile.

No longer many, but now truly ONE, we basked in what the TEAM had done.

From worst to first, a shining beacon, for a glorious city, that never weakened

Down the stretch, October ball, could this team really win it all?

One series win, then champs of the league, this team was not showing any fatigue.

The Sox, dealt the ‘Cards’, showed they were ready, they’d plotted their course and now held it steady.

No obstruction could keep them from completing the task, in a championship year they now get to bask.

Did the Sox carry Boston or did we carry them, over the top to a World Series again?

Perhaps it was both; we needed each other, to get through the year, and try to recover.

But one thing’s for certain, this is not wrong…

The Sox and the city are both “Boston Strong.”

Listen to Ben’s Poem:




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