By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) — One side effect of the Red Sox championship run has been to divert attention from another epic battle – the race for Mayor of Boston.

With under a week to go until election day, both candidates are scrambling to attract voters who may be just tuning in now.

“I think this is a big change, first time in 20 years there’s going to be a new mayor in the City of Boston,” Marty Walsh said. “I think it really is about the future of Boston and what Boston’s going to look like.”

Connolly jumped in the race back when Mayor Tom Menino was still planning to run again, and offers a Harvard-educated grasp of policy with a focus on education reform.

“If people want a status-quo guy, my opponent’s their guy,” John Connolly said. “If they want someone who’s really going to try to make the changes, particularly in our schools, I’m their guy.”

Walsh claims he, too, will make changes, but points to his blue-collar roots as cause to think he’ll be a more Menino-esque choice for voters who still admire the incumbent.

“How I grew up is a former construction worker and went to school at night, there’s a little bit of that,” Walsh said. “But I have lots of support from people who are very well-educated and concerned about the future of the city.”

Tuesday, Boston voters will go to the polls to cast their vote for the next mayor.


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