Felger and Mazz opened the show Wednesday by cautioning fans not to be overconfident for tonight’s Game 6 against the St. Louis Cardinals. Given the back and forth nature of the series, and looking at how close these games have been, it’s no slam dunk that they wrap it up tonight. Factor that in, plus the pitcher the Cardinals are sending to the mound, and this series is far from over.

“[Michael] Wacha beat you in Game 2. He is unbeaten in the postseason. The Cardinals have not lost with him on the mound in the postseason,” said Tony Massarotti. “And the pitching matchup that was in Game 3, which in theory is the one you will see in Game 7, the Cardinals won that one too. You still have to win the game. You still have to win one more, and it’s not an easy thing to do.”

Mike Felger shared the same sentiments as Tony, and thinks everyone in this region has gotten a little overconfident. He hopes that this presumptuous attitude has not found its way into the Red Sox locker room.

“What do they need to do to win tonight? Not read their clippings. I hope they have not been reading or listening to the past 48 hours here in Boston,” said Felger. “I think it has gotten stupid. I think it has gotten ridiculous. The Cardinals have won the same amount of games as you. On paper, I think it’s pretty even. They might even be more talented.”

However, Felger’s prediction hasn’t changed. He’s still picking the Red Sox, he just wishes fans would pump the brakes and tone their expectations. Marc Bertrand attributes this brash attitude to the fans having a “must-win” mindset.

“People look at tonight and feel that it’s a must-win,” said Beetle. “If you look at the two games, the pitching matchup tomorrow night for the Red Sox, if you get there, is scary. Tonight offers you, hypothetically, the best shot to win it.”

Listen to the rest of the discussion below:



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