Scott Souza from the MetroWest Daily News joined The Adam Jones Show Tuesday and talked all things Celtics before opening tip off Wednesday night.

This team went through a lot of wholesale changes over the summer, but the biggest acquisition for the C’s was hiring former Butler University head coach Brad Stevens. Scott Souza goes to all the practices and watched every preseason game, so he provided some insight into how the former college coach is faring so far in the NBA.

“I think they like him. I think to a certain extent they respect him, but that’s something that’s going to have to grow over time,” said Souza. He continued, “He will build up some gravitas over time, but for all his intelligence he’s still learning the NBA game.”

The conversation then shifted towards second-year player Jared Sullinger, who was dismissed on all charges Monday stemming from an altercation with his girlfriend on August 31 in Waltham. The team has suspended Sullinger for opening night against the Raptors and Souza weighed in on the situation with Rich Keefe.

“He [Sullinger] thinks this was a situation that was blown out of proportion. He said it was two young people who let a situation get out of hand. Obviously we don’t know what actually happened. It was a little odd to hear him nonchalantly talk about the charge, which was a very serious charge.”

Rich Keefe then referenced an ESPN The Magazine article by Jeff Goodman titled “The Art Of The Tank” – where an anonymous NBA General Manager spoke candidly about how his team is actively tanking to better their shot at the NBA Lottery. Keefe asked Souza if he thinks Danny Ainge could possibly be the anonymous source.

“Let’s put it this way: I don’t know that they’re going to have to go out of their way and do anything ridiculous in order to lose games. I think they’re going to lose a fair amount of games on their own volition.”

Souza then got into the Celtics player that has fallen out of Coach Steven’s favor, and speculated on the starting five – listen below:



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