BOSTON (CBS) — In the hands of Noel Dickover – a pumpkin is a blank canvas.

“The more I do pumpkin carving the longer it takes cause I get to be a perfectionist,” he says.

A government contractor by day, each October Noel turns his kitchen into a workshop.. spending countless hours creating a fantasy world – one pumpkin at a time.

“And If you mess up you get super glue out.”

Hundreds will come to his Virginia home to see them on Halloween night.

“I’ve become known as like the pumpkin house//There’s sort of a traffic jam out front and people love it.”

He also shares his work online – the Death Star pumpkin went viral.

What started ten years ago as one man’s obsession now includes Noel’s friends and family. Daughter Sarah has been carving since she was 5.

“Our kids got into it which made my wife happy and then it just got crazy. And it’s gone a little more every year.

Last year they carved 50. Noel says having the right tools is the secret.

“Once you really get into it and you can start modifying it and deciding what you want to do it becomes more art.”

The creations stay in the fridge and under wraps until showtime. Then the work shines.

Art that’s a treat for one night only – until next Halloween.

You can find his patterns and tutorials for free online at his website,


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