Frank Cusumano of KSDK in St. Louis called in Tuesday morning to offer a glance at the World Series from a Cardinals fan’s perspective.

Down 3-2 in the series to the Red Sox after a 3-1 defeat Monday night, Cusumano provided insight into the struggling Red Bird offense.

“The one dent in their armor all season long has been the ability to hit left handed pitching, and sometimes even mediocre left handers,” said Cusumano. “Throw in the fact that you’ve got a great left hander in [Jon] Lester, and that’s just a bad mix for this Cardinal lineup. For some reason they do not hit lefties well.”

Cusumano also said that if this series does go to a seventh game, the Red Sox should seriously consider bringing Jon Lester in to start and that they “need to avoid lefties at all cost” – even Felix Doubront. He believes the Cardinals would fare much better against a Jake Peavy or Clay Buchholz should this series go to Game 7.

It’s going to be an uphill battle for the Cardinals, coming east to Fenway Park to try and win two games in a row. Cusumano addressed what the Cards must do better in order to win a World Series.

Listen below:



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