The Boston Red Sox are up 3-2 in the World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals, and after five games of play both Felger and Mazz have come to the same conclusion.

That is, they both prefer the National League over the American League, because of the in-game strategy that’s involved. This didn’t sit well with Director of Communications Billy Lanni, who was brought onto the show to give his opinion on why he hates the NL.

“I think they should take the bats out of the pitcher’s hands. They’re terrible at bunting. They’re terrible at hitting. It’s just a wasted at bat. It sucks,” said Lanni.

Felger prodded Billy for clarification, asking if he appreciates the double switch.

“No I don’t appreciate the double switch. Give me a DH. Give me a guy who should be playing a corner position that can murder a baseball and just let him do it four times a game instead of wasting it on a pitcher.”


Marc Bertrand backed Billy’s preference towards the AL, and it opened up a big debate between the panel and listeners.



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