NFL Network’s Bert Breer joined Gresh & Zo to talk about the Patriots trade possibilities on the day of the NFL trade deadline.

With the NFL trade deadline pushed back a couple weeks and the team decimated by injuries, will the Patriots strike a last minute deal like they did in acquiring Aqib Talib last year?

With an obvious need at wide receiver, it’s rumored that Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns and Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans are available. However, Gresh wants “nothing to do with Kenny Britt.”

Bert doesn’t think there will be a ton of action today, but added, “It’ll be interesting to see what happens when we get closer to the deadline though. It’s exactly what Bill [Belichick] has said: ‘Deadlines spur action’. A lot of this stuff won’t get consummated until right near the wire.”

They discussed other players that have been rumored to be available as well, and suggest what positions the Patriots will try and upgrade, listen below:



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