Gresh & Zo’s ‘No Huddle’ chronicled the major NFL headlines coming out of Week 8.

The guys discussed everything from the Jets getting blown out by the Bengals to the a few comeback wins and so much more.

-The Bengals blew out the Jets scoring seven times. The guys listened to all of the touchdown calls in one clip.

-The Lions had a miraculous comeback against the Cowboys. The lions ended up winning 31-30 and the guys listened to the final sequence on Lions radio. Calvin Johnson had 329 yards receiving, Dez Bryant scored two touchdowns and flipped out on the sidelines. The guys listened to reactions from Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, owner Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant.

-The 49ers crushed the Jaguars in London and Niners safety Donte Whitner spoke after the game.

-The Broncos were in danger in the second half against the Redskins down 21-7 and then ended up scoring the next 38 points. Peyton Manning didn’t practice Wednesday and a report early Sunday said he had two bad ankles. Peyton spoke after the game.



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