By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Good Sunday morning!  A band of rain along a cold front is working through this early morning…all wet weather associated with it will be out of here by 9AM and west winds will pick up behind it drying us out nicely for the day.  Sunshine will be prevalent along with a few puffy clouds this afternoon, the breeze will be noticeable and temps respectable in the mid to upper 50s.

Another cold front will be on the approach tomorrow, out ahead of it temps will spike up to about 60 degrees then the front passes through in the afternoon and temps begin to tumble.  The front looks to be a dry one with a fading strip of showers and a band of clouds and then the chill.  High pressure will nose in right behind the front leading to a sunny Tuesday but temps will struggle to get back to 50 after a start in the 20s for some of the suburbs.

Very warm air will be surging up out of the Gulf of Mexico middle of the week and will work into New England for the end of the week.  With it’s arrival and with the help of a packet of upper level energy, Wednesday morning has the potential to be a bit interesting.  The combination of the collision of cold air left behind by the chilly high and the incoming mild air from the south may result in our first flurries of the season early Wednesday morning.  If it materializes it would be a fast moving system…harmless.  Then there is the question of temps…this time of year it’s always tough to get temps cold enough for snow but if timed perfectly during the predawn hours it is possible…so we’ll see if indeed we get to see those first flakes of the season…you know it’s just a matter of time.

Good news for the kids on Halloween…warmth will be cruising in on a gusty SW wind…temps may be as warm as 60 degrees for the little ones out around sunset and won’t fall off much for the older kids out later in the evening.  There will be a band of rain approaching from the west but right now I’m optimistic it won’t arrive until early Friday morning.


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