BOSTON (CBS) – As they like to say in Rhode Island: hey, have your coffee yet?

Most likely, you’ve already bolted a ton of coffee today to counteract the effects of a late night staying up to watch the Red Sox. And the situation will only get worse as the World Series progresses.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

I recall doing a story on this in 2004 during the epic Red Sox-Yankee series where game after game went well past midnight, and being horrified at the amount of coffee being consumed.

Or as horrified as you can be with 64 ounces of iced DD sloshing around inside you.

Some things about coffee survival have changed since then.

We’ve seen the introduction of the turbo shot, which may cut the amount of coffee you need to drink but, unless you’re careful, not your jitters.

Like anything else, coffee has to be consumed in moderation, but the news is far from all bad. Researchers in Italy claim they’ve found drinking three cups a day can cut your risk of liver cancer in half.

But setting health issues aside, coffee is much more than just a way to get through the day after yet another four-hour baseball game.

Coffee is a social lubricant that provides an excuse for socialization – that is, if you can get your coffee partner to put down their smartphone for five minutes.

Coffee also helps us identify kindred spirits – with all due respect to both camps, if you can’t tell the differences between Starbucks people and Dunkin Donuts people, you’re not paying attention.

Speaking of Starbucks, did you hear that they’re opening a new store in Manhattan that will sell only…tea?

Yes, tea.

I’m sure it will catch on, what with all those dim-bulb Yankee fans to peddle it to.

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