There are places on this planet that are less desirable, according to the local news, and some are even in this country. Places where crazy or weird news stories seem to be the norm.

So Toucher & Rich are doing their due diligence to warn you about these “Armpits of America.” Rich will give a short description of a real news story, and it’s your job to guess where the story came from.

The first story featured a man that called 911 and has no idea where he is except that his car is now on train tracks. The guy has no clue how he came to stop where he was and can’t even direct the 911 dispatcher to how he got there. Add in the fact that a train is coming and he has to be told to get out of the car.

The second story isn’t really from an armpit, but it’s audio that just has to be played. A man is frustrated with another guy who is always in front of his office building playing the trumpet. The annoyed guy snaps and just off on the trumpet player with an epic rant.



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