Every week the guys come at Jermaine Wiggins with ten question on a variety of different topics ranging from sports to entertainment to women.

This week’s questions hit on the Patriots, disliked NFL players, the St. Louis Cardinals and which playoff sport do you watch if you had to choose.

10 Questions with Wiggy:

10. Who do you want off the Dolphins roster?

9. Did you see Indianapolis Cols punter Pat McAfee light up True Holliday, the Broncos returner, on Sunday night? The next morning McAfee was “randomly” tested for steroids? Wiggy, were you ever “randomly” tested for steroids after a big game? Have you ever used a wizzonator?

8. The new ESPN NBA Countdown crew has been announced, and it is: Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose, Doug Collins and Sage Steele. Your thoughts?

7. E-Poll market research recently came out with its list of most disliked players in the NFL. The top five was Mike Vick, Manti Te’o, Ndamukong Suh, Ben Roethlisberger, and Mark Sanchez. Who is No. 1 on your list?

6. If you could have any other QB in the AFC East other than Tom Brady right now, who would it be?

5. Wiggy word on the street: “Hope my man Cube comes thru & brings da whole crew back cause he had me buggin on Friday!!!” Please translate.

4. If the playoffs started today in the NHL, the B’s, as the third place team in the Atlantic division, would play Toronto in the first round, while Detroit, leading the division, would face fourth-place Montreal. If B’s advance, they’d get the Detroit-Montreal winner in the second round. Tampa, meanwhile, would earn a “wild card” spot and move over to the Metropolitan Division bracket and face Pittsburgh in the first round. Wiggy, do you like the new format?

3. Who is your favorite St. Louis Cardinal of all-time?

2. What NFL team currently, with a losing record, has the best chance of making the playoffs?

1. On Saturday, Sox-Tigers Game 6 generated a local rating of 31. The Pats the next day did “only” a 22. It’s the first time I can remember a Sox game of any kind beating a Patriots game of any kind and it wasn’t even close. Question, You can only watch one: A Pats regular season game or a Sox World Series baseball game? Second question: You can only watch one: Patriots playoff game, Bruins playoff game, Sox playoff game, Celtics playoff game. What do you pick?


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