By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Exec. Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – New England sports fans have been blessed with a lot of good fortune over the past several weeks (minus a few Patriot games).

I don’t think anyone predicted a Red Sox World Series appearance at the start of this season. Lost in the all the excitement has been one of the most gorgeous New England Autumns in recent memory – day after day of deep blue skies and above average temperatures.

Most of these Red Sox home playoff games have not only gone uninterrupted by Mother Nature, but have been downright comfortable to attend even at night!

Can our string of good fortune continue right through the World Series?

Well, let’s hope our bearded boys of Boston are better prepared than Mother Nature because it looks like our winning streak of weather is about to be snapped.

Our first true blast of winter-like cold is on the way and late October baseball is going to feel more like late November baseball.

Here is your 7-day forecast for each of the 7 potential Red Sox World Series games in Boston and St. Louis.

GAME ONE: Wednesday 8 p.m. in Boston:

Daytime showers should clear up by game time but gusty northwest winds will usher in some very cold air.  Temperatures will start around 48 degrees and drop to near 44 late in the game.

GAME TWO: Thursday 8 p.m. in Boston:

Mainly clear skies but even colder than Wednesday night.  Temperatures in the low 40’s with NW winds 10-to-20 miles per hour, making it feel like the 30’s.

GAME THREE: Saturday  8 p.m. in St. Louis:

Looking like a very pleasant weekend in Missouri with daytime highs near 60 and by game time, low 50’s and mainly clear on Saturday night.

GAME FOUR: Sunday  8 p.m. in St. Louis:

Just a touch cooler on Sunday, around 50 degrees at game time, dropping into the upper 40’s during the game with very little wind and clear skies.

GAME FIVE (If Necessary): Monday  8 p.m. in St. Louis:

A bit more cloudiness on Monday and that will serve as a bit of a blanket, keeping temperatures from falling too fast at night.  Temperatures in the 50’s for game time with just a slight risk of a light rain shower.

GAME SIX (If Necessary): Wednesday, Oct. 30, 8 p.m. in Boston:

Obviously this is a very long term forecast, subject to change, but it appears that there will be a storm system to our west.  Right now it looks like rain would hold off on Wednesday, a close call though, with temperatures in the 50’s.

GAME SEVEN (If Necessary): Thursday, Oct. 31, 8 p.m. in Boston:

Halloween night at Fenway, that would be wild and the weather also could be wild.  Most models looks rather stormy around Thursday of next week, there could be heavy rain and strong winds.

Go Sox!

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